Samsung NX Mini

Samsung Nx mini

Samsung NX mini is world’s best point and shoot camera due to its very small, thin and light weight body design. This Samsung camera is super small in size and occupies the extensible feature of ultra portability in the range of compact cameras with interchangeable lenses. It is the best pocket camera that you can easily slip into your handbag or shirts pocket. The Samsung NX mini is featured with 20.5 mega-pixel CMOS sensor camera that captures premium quality shots with sharpest details even in dim light conditions. Let us have a look at its most presentable features.

  • 20.5 MP BSI CMOS Sensor for high-quality images with natural texture colours and crystal clear resolution.
  • World’s smallest and lightest compact camera with stylish design.
  • Do the instant sharing of your best photos to your loved one family members and friends with its built-in Wi-Fi with NFC compatibility.
  • 1080p full HD Videos.
  • Long battery life enable you to shoot up to 650 photographs in a single charge.
  • 6 FPS continuous shooting speed to capture moving objects with sharpest details.
  • Wide ISO range (100- 25,600) with reduce noise and high sensitivity to light.
  • 3 inch LCD screen with 460800 dot resolution.
  • 20.5x optical zoom – capture each moment with more close-up.
  • Capture and store your favourite shots in seconds with fast shutter speed.
  • Samsung NX-M 9-27mm OIS Lens with wide focal length range of 24.3-72.9mm.
  • Smart technology Remote viewfinder to control your camera from the smart phone.
  • Do the automatic sharing of your snaps to any NFC compatible device by the Photo beam technology of NX mini camera.
  • Mobile link app enable you to share without the Wi-Fi.
  • Smart Remote viewfinder so that you can control camera from distance via your mobile phone.
  • Smart autofocus technology with different shooting modes:
    • Contrast Detect (sensor)
    • Multi-area
    • Center
    • Selective single-point
    • Single
    • Continuous
    • Touch
    • Face Detection
    • Live View
  • 20.5 MP BSI CMOS Sensor: The 20.5MP BSI CMOS sensor works effectively to capture high resolution for both stills and full HD videos still imagery and full HD movies. The illuminated design in the backside of this camera allow the sensor to enhance the sensitivity by minimizing the noise in lack of appropriate lighting conditions.
  • Ultra slim and stylish body design: Samsung NX mini is world’s smallest and slimmest interchangeable lens camera. Carry the extreme features in such a compact size that you can easily carry into your pocket.
  • Flip – up touch screen for perfect selfies: Beyond the extreme feature of smallest size point and shoot camera the NX mini is featured with 3 inch flip – up LCD screen that makes it easy to capture perfect selfies.
  • Full HD Video Recording: The NX mini Samsung camera allow you to shoot 1080p Full HD videos at 30 FPS with very clear and sharp details. It shoot the videos in H.264 format that allow you shoot the videos more longer in comparison of MJPEG.
  • Wide ISO range ISO (100- 25,600): The wide ISO range of Samsung NX mini make the camera more sensitive to light and allow the user to take natural snaps with minimized noise and blur in dim-light conditions.
  • 9 mm lens with 20.5x optical zoom: The NX mini incorporates thin and portable sharp lenses with 9 mm focal length equivalent to      (24mm to 35mm) along with 20.5x optical zoom that provides a great wide- angle view of the object smoothly work for each type of portraits and landscapes.
  • Smart Home monitor app for the monitoring of your child: By installing the smart home monitoring app to your smart phone the NX mini allow you to monitor your baby and you will get immediate notification on your phone in case of any moment of your child.
  • Fast shutter speed to capture the moment: The Samsung NX1 provide high shutter speed of 1/16000 second along with 6 fps continuous shooting speed that enables you to capture the objects which are moving at fast motion such as a car race, a soccer game and many more.

Our elaborated compact camera review on Samsung NX mini will surely guide you to select the world’s smallest compact camera with extensible features. It is a perfect choice for the daily routine photography because it is tricky and complicated to carry bulky size DSLR’S along with you every where.

Customer Review:
The camera takes great pictures and has a really cool flip screen. The camera is well built and its leather like exterior design feels smart outer body. It is very small and good in size, will easily fits into your pocket with smart application such as photo beam technology, auto share, mobile link App, Home monitor app and so on.

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