Art Of A Small Camera

Art Of A Small CameraIf you really like to use a compact camera and want to explore it more, Art Of A Small Camera is really a good book to begin with.  What this book covers is applicable not only to compact and Smartphone cameras, but DSLR camera as well. The emphasis is on the photographer’s eyes and creative process. The most important techniques Tyler outlines are the “two-step” technique of focus and recompose and using continuous drive for taking a short, controlled series of pictures of the same scene.  These techniques will definitely improve your image quality to a great extend. The author also mark out the limitations of small cameras for example they are not so great for sports. Read more at

This book is for both  beginners and intermediate photographers, means if you do not have any previous knowledge of photography, this book is really a useful guide to help you produce better pictures with the minimum technical knowledge, but even if you have previous knowledge of photography, then this book is still worth reading.  The author has done a tremendous job and some of his ideas may inspire experienced photographers as well. The author also gives useful advice on other aspects of small camera photography such as composition, using available light, pocket tripods and post-processing. In one chapter “When You’re in A Hurry”, author offers advice on setting your camera so that you are prepared to shoot from the hip. Author also describes techniques of shooting different objects like cityscapes, pets and kids, nightclubs, parties and abstracts.

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